Your simple guide to buying an e-bike.

When it comes to buying an E-bike you want it to be as uncomplicated as possible. This is your simple guide to make getting the right bike an easy process. If there are ever any further questions you have our team is always here to help.

First things first, what is an e-Bike and what are the legal requirements?

An E-bike or electrically assisted pedal cycle is a bike that has a motor to help assist with pedalling.

  • The max power output from the motor must not exceed 250 Watts
  • The motor must stop assisting above 15.5mph
  • The motor can only assist you whilst you are pedalling
  • You must be over 14 years old, but don’t require to register the bike, tax it, or have a special licence
  • Can be used in cycle lanes to speed past all the cars stuck in traffic

If your bike does any of the following it might be an e-Bike that requires licence, registration or tax and who needs that!

  • Motor can engage without the need for pedalling
  • Motor continues to assist you past 15.5mph
  • Has a throttle that allows you to twist and go

Now we’ve got the boring bits out of the way what do you want to look for:


hub motor

Attaches to either front or rear wheel hubs


  • Almost maintenance free
  • Less expensive to produce, making bike more cost effective for you
  • Easy for you to maintain and fit parts


  • Can disturb the balance of the bike
  • Can make changing a tyre difficult with the motor on the hub
  • Less gearing can make hills a bit difficult

crank drive motor/

Incorporated in the frame of the bike where the pedals are


  • Improved centre of gravity
  • Makes the delivery of power more efficient when you pedal
  • Most have built-in sensors measuring the amount of assistance required to save battery


  • More expensive due to being incorporated into the frame
  • More wear on drive train components
  • More expensive to maintain


Weight can be a big factor when it comes to E-bikes as they tend to be heavier than your average bike. It’s worth taking the time to think about your commute and whether you’ll need to carry your bike at any point. E-bikes can range anywhere from 15kg to 25kg. Some bikes have a removable battery making it easier for you to carry.


When it comes to a battery it is worth thinking about it in regards to how far you need to go. A 250W battery won’t take you as far as a 400W battery. You also have to factor in how you are riding. If you ride a bike on the highest riding mode and have a very hilly journey it will use up the battery life quickier. Ranges by manufacturers are usually based on optimum conditions and don’t factor in a variety of different situations. Use them as a loose guide.



Is your workplace eligible for a Cycle to Work Scheme?

We have partnered with CycleScheme, the main Cycle to Work Scheme to help you get on a bike for work, for more info click here.

For everything else just give us a ring or pop into our store and we will be happy to explain all the other benefits of different models.

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